Curriculum outline MATH - Grade 2

Course Outline 2019-2020           

Subject: Math                               Grade: 2/Year 3

First Term

Unit 1

Number & place value-2 digit & 3 digit

Addition & subtraction-2-digit & 3-digit

Properties of shape

Unit 2

Multiplication & division inc number & place value(2,3,5 & 10)

Fractions-adding fractions


Unit 3

Addition & subtraction –problem solving

Properties of shape-right angles/all sort of angles

Unit 4

Multiplication & division inc of number & place value (4x)

Multiplication & division inc of number & place value (8x)


Unit 5

Number & place value- 3 digit

Addition & subtraction-incl measurement (money)

Properties of shape-  2D drawing & naming

Second Term

Unit 6

Multiplication & division inc number & place value-division facts (4x, 8x, 50 & 100)

Fractions-ordering fractions

Measurement (length)

Unit 7

Addition & subtraction- Expanded form


Unit 8

Fractions-equivalent fractions


Unit 9

Number & place value

Addition & subtraction (mental calculations)

Properties of shape -3D

Third Term

Unit 10

Multiplication & division-partitioning/grid

Fractions-problem solving

Measurement-volume & capacity

Unit 11

Addition & subtraction inc measurement-money

Addition & subtraction estimating & checking


Unit 12

Multiplication & division-expanded written method



  • Rising Star Audio Mental Math
  • Collins Busy Ants Pupil Book 3A
  • Collins Busy Ants Pupil Book 3B
  • Collins Busy Ants Pupil Book 3C

Assessments: Break down of 100% mark

The final grade for the course will be calculated based on:

Multiple forms of formal and informal assessments including CAT 4, GL Assessments, will be used to gain knowledge about a student’s level of understanding. Assessments will be in the form of Mental Math, End of Unit Evaluations, Times Table Quiz, Problem Solving- (group task/written task) and Formal Assessments. All formal test dates will be posted on the communicator.


Next Steps

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